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mcIntosh car audio

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Mcintosh -USA
Specifications have often been the benchmark for choosing car audio amplifiers.  However, it becomes secondary if you find something that performs way beyond paper/technical specifications.

For a Mcintosh amplifier, the specification is rather meaningless. If you have heard a Mcintosh in action, you will immediately notice how ‘analog’ sounding it makes your sound system perform.

Analog (analogue) as described in simple terms mean it sounds more physical, somewhat organic and emotional. As opposed to other electronics that tend to sound more digital or some describe as clinical/cold sounding.

At Audio Creations we carry both new and mint conditioned pre-owned units. We take pride in all our units, new and used alike.

1. mcIntosh MCC404M
100RMS X 4
2. mcIntosh MCC404
100RMS X 4
3. mcIntosh MC431
100RMS X 4
4. mcIntosh MC443M
300rms@4ohm; 500rms@2ohm (Class AB monoblock)
5. mcIntosh MC420
50RMS X 4
6. mcIntosh MC420M
50RMS X 4
7. mcIntosh MCC444
110RMS X 4
8. mcIntosh MCC222
110RMS X 2
Brand new!! 1year warranty
headunit/source unit
1. mcIntosh MX406 local radio reception
2. mcIntosh MX4000 + MDA4000
3. mcIntosh MX5000

1. mcIntosh MCC302
150RMS X 2
3. mcIntosh MCC404
100RMS X 4

* please call for price!!
* if you havent heard how analog with thick, full sounding yet revealing character of the Mcintosh amplifiers, please do not hesitate to drop  by for an audition.
Kindly call for a no obligation audition before coming by.
Thank you.

call michael 012-3315669 for an audition







Mcintosh Labs MCC302 going strong. Legendary brand sets the highest standard for car audio electronics

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010


Mcintosh Laboratory has defined the highest quality in sound reproduction for many years and continues to set high standards for both performance and reliability till today.

We never thought much about Mcintosh in the early days of Audio Creations because there were so many brands out there promising high-end car audio and like a kid, we wanted to sample them all.

We very well knew then that Mcintosh was a well known, high-end brand that sounds good, offers a steady performance, with no complaints and carries on it’s duty, perfectly as an all-rounder.

After years of trying everything else, we now fully appreciate what Mcintosh is…. yes, a no-frills, analogue sounding, powerful, well-built product and that is exactly what we need.

Mcintosh car audio line is not very extensive, even the fingers is enough to count. There’s two range of head unit/cd players – the MX406 and the current flagship MX5000 and external DAC, MDA5000. The amplifiers offered in the Mc lineup are the MCC301 monoblock, MCC302 high-powered stereo 2 channel and MCC404M, a multichannel 4 channel amplifier. The MCC602TM which was one of our favorite saw it’s end of product cycle not too long ago, and will be missed dearly.

Today, we would like to bring your attention to the Mcintosh MCC302, which is very well worth mentioning and even more worth your time to check it out if you’re you looking for a mid to high-end amplifier.

The MCC302 is a very nice amplifier that is made affordable here at Audio Creations. Specifications as follow (click the link for pdf manual):
150watts x 2 @ 4 ohms; 300watts x 2 @ 2ohms; bridged mono 600watts @ 4 ohms.

Audition and sampling of any Mcintosh car audio product is available at our showroom. An appointment can also be arrange to install and try the product in your car depending on availability of a used/demo unit.

We have very good condition preowned MC420, MC425, MC431, MC443M, MCC444 amplifiers, MX5000 and MDA5000, MX4000 and MDA4000 head units and MPM4000 power output meter for the budget conscious that still urge for a bite of Mcintosh legendary performance. Call Michael at 0123315669 for arrangements.

If you are looking for brand new current production models, please call us and while you are at it, browse the Mcintosh Labs car audio section:

Head Units: MX406 and flagship MX5000 and MDA5000 external dac

Amplifiers: MCC302 2channel, MCC404M 4 channel, MCC406M 6 channel, MCC301M monoblock

Speakers: MSS530 and MSS630

Spare/Service parts: Optic lens for MX406, MX4000 and MX5000. DC-DC power supply for MX406, MX4000 and MX5000; Clarion DRX9255(EX or EXL) and Clarion HX-D1 users can also enquire with us.

Mcintosh Head Unit “high-end” Upgrades

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Listen up guys, if you own a Mcintosh cd head unit/transport/dac, you owe yourself to experience these high-end upgrades for them. The upgrades are applicable for models MX406, MX4000+MDA4000 and MX5000 + MDA5000 including their respective DC-DC power supply.

Incidentally if you do not own a Mcintosh head unit, you can always purchase one from us at very attractive prices.

If you think your exisiting unit is good enough, you’re in for a big surprise, as it can be miles better. We guarantee it!! Mcintosh gears are very well built and long lasting, therefore worth enhancing, investing and keeping for many years to come.

Yes, some of our upgrades may seem expensive such as those for very high end gears but once you see the quality of the parts we use, the extensive work involved and then hear the stunning end result you will understand why they cost what they do.

Once you have experienced a new benchmark in high-end reproduction, there is practically no turning back.  Head unit cd players/ Digital to Analogue Convertors /DC-DC power supply that enable the reproduction of exceptionally beautiful music in consumer’s cars where it was thought not possible to achieve. We have not a single case of buyer’s remorse.

Mods/Upgrade available:

1] MX406/MX4000/MX5000 compact disc player

- high-end low jitter correction clock.

- cryogenic  fuses

- high quality RoHS Mundorf silver/gold solder used

- bench tested for 2 hours

2] DC-DC 15v convertor power supply

- power supply filter capacitors upgraded to higher capacitance / lower ESR premium capacitors

- high-end bypass capacitors used in power supply

- cryogenic fuses

- high quality RoHS Mundorf silver/gold solder used

- bench tested for 2 hours

3] MDA4000/MDA5000 digital-to-analogue convertor power supply upgrade

-  power Supply filter capacitors upgraded to higher capacitance / lower ESR premium capacitors

- high-end bypass capacitors used in power supply

- signal path coupling capacitors replaced using premium capacitors with capacitor kits

- cryogenic Fuse

- high quality RoHS Mundorf silver/gold solder used throughout.

- bench tested for 2 hours

Service/Parts -available for MX406/MX4000/MX5000

More details and reviews to come… Please contact Michael at 0123315669 for a step-by-step explanation on the upgrade paths.