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Mcintosh -USA
Specifications have often been the benchmark for choosing car audio amplifiers.  However, it becomes secondary if you find something that performs way beyond paper/technical specifications.

For a Mcintosh amplifier, the specification is rather meaningless. If you have heard a Mcintosh in action, you will immediately notice how ‘analog’ sounding it makes your sound system perform.

Analog (analogue) as described in simple terms mean it sounds more physical, somewhat organic and emotional. As opposed to other electronics that tend to sound more digital or some describe as clinical/cold sounding.

At Audio Creations we carry both new and mint conditioned pre-owned units. We take pride in all our units, new and used alike.

1. mcIntosh MCC404M
100RMS X 4
2. mcIntosh MCC404
100RMS X 4
3. mcIntosh MC431
100RMS X 4
4. mcIntosh MC443M
300rms@4ohm; 500rms@2ohm (Class AB monoblock)
5. mcIntosh MC420
50RMS X 4
6. mcIntosh MC420M
50RMS X 4
7. mcIntosh MCC444
110RMS X 4
8. mcIntosh MCC222
110RMS X 2
Brand new!! 1year warranty
headunit/source unit
1. mcIntosh MX406 local radio reception
2. mcIntosh MX4000 + MDA4000
3. mcIntosh MX5000

1. mcIntosh MCC302
150RMS X 2
3. mcIntosh MCC404
100RMS X 4

* please call for price!!
* if you havent heard how analog with thick, full sounding yet revealing character of the Mcintosh amplifiers, please do not hesitate to drop  by for an audition.
Kindly call for a no obligation audition before coming by.
Thank you.

call michael 012-3315669 for an audition








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