JL Audio Subwoofers: Loud and Live Sound Quality Bass


JL Audio Subwoofers

JL Audio advertisements in the local and foreign magazines never fail to impress me. It is often featured with r&b celebrities etc. At first glance, it is just another good looking subwoofer in the sea of subwoofers available in the market place. Then we started experimenting with JL Audio subwoofers in our own rides and in customer’s rides using various enclosure configurations in varying vehicle dimension (small-large) and shapes (convertibles-hatchback-sedans-MPVs).

It is by far the most linear sounding subwoofer we have used in our installs. It sounds great at low volumes, medium, high and insane volumes with very good dynamic range. Rich sounding, hits hard when required and is not lazy sounding nor quick and lightweight sounding like aluminium ones. There are some monstrous subs that may sound louder but subwoofer to us is not entirely about how loud it can go. It needs to sound good and not be intrusive or missing at low volumes. Most importantly, to achieve the desired lows, we feel that subwoofers must be fed with the right signal in the first place to harness the best out of them. At Audio Creations, we know how to condition the signal that is fed to your speakers, and in this context in particular, to the ultra-low transducers – subwoofer. Power itself is not the only factor.

JL Audio subwoofers are well engineered and we rate its performance simpy as  ’low distortion’. It doesn’t give us any more loudness or lows that we really need or lack of any. It gives bass a good foundation!! Hard to fault. Bass delivered is clean, powerful and unobtrusive. It may not be the most accurate sounding subwoofer I have encountered over 12 years but it doesn’t colour the sound in any way. It just blends in well with a tuned front stage. Many subs simply cannot keep up with the front. There were numerous cases we found their 8 or 10s sound better than many 12 inchers.

We like JL Audio. The company takes the trouble to make sure the product line improves and improves further over time with newer models. Look at the amount of new patents that go into their designs. Well, okay it may be a little commercialized but it sure doesn’t look bogus. By the way, check out their Phantom subwoofers for home audio and home theatres. Clearly tells us they are serious about subwoofers and not just another over commercialized brand name. It is rugged enough for our installs; built quality is good and most importantly they sound great and does not break your wallet.

Furthermore, the documentation between the website, http://www.jlaudio.com, and the owner’s manual is one of the best most of us have ever seen. Not only did the owner’s manual provided technical information, it has well-illustrated enclosure recommendations and an easy to understand power handling reference chart. In you are building your system for Loud Sound Quality in mind…  Go linear sounding, Go JL Audio!

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