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AudioControl Processors – Understand Why Audio Creations Wholeheartedly Uses Them!

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

AudioControl is a 30 year old company in the USA that designs and manufactures only the best audio, video and measurement equipment for home, car and the professional arena. The products are handcrafted for the enthusiast , which requires a little more time to understand what each product can do and how it can help them achieve the pursuit of good, if not, great sound.

Audio Creations uses AudioControl products for a reason. Not because of pricing, not because of how it looks, not because of the difficulty/ease of use and not because of any other reason but because it works and it gives us the sound/end results we are looking for.

The way we see it, AudioControl is a niche product, not meant for the regular accessory shops or cash and carry shops. It’s premium engineering, made by people with passion on technicalities, which adds up to the thriving sound it gives. What we like most with AudioControl products is the tunability and flexibility it gives to custom installers and high-end modders.

If you ask us, every car audio .. be it low, mid, high-end systems requires an AudioControl. How to use them to maximum ability, potential, and even how not to overuse them is where Audio Creations speciality lies.

Among the processors we carry and use extensively are EQL, EQX, 4xs, 3xs, 2xs, Overdrive, LC6i etc. The different processors are useful for application/integration with oem players as well as aftermarket high-end players.

Crossovers: 2xs – 18dB 2way crossover; 6xs – 24dB 3way crossover

Equalizers: EQL – 2in 2out 13band; EQX 2in 8out 13band

OEM Integration: line output converter 6 high level speaker inputs 6 pre-amp RCA output; internal channel summing output (for OEM players or amplifiers with in-built filters/crossover that cannot be defeated or turn off); 12-volt turn on lead GTO (sensing), important feature since the stock player does not have remote output

Overdrive: 13 volt line driver; best solution for weak pre-outs from the source units

We offer high-end crossover modules (stock spec, upgraded spec, premium spec and high-end carbon spec), performance upgrades (higher capacitance power supply filter capacitors with low ESR, highend premium signal path coupling capacitors etc.) and professional advice on AudioControl products, new and used.