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A sales pitch to promise you results to better your car audio system

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

A sales pitch! Yes, exactly what it is. Audio Creations is putting out a challenge to enthusiast, customers, loyal followers and even beginners to visit us and see if we can better your system. No obligations, no unnecessary purchases or worries… just a bit of time and inconvenience of leaving your vehicle with us while you are busy at work, vacation or play.

In many instances, the bigger the better, the more power the better, the more delicate the better sound quality, the more status the more bling (or is it the other way around?)… is that what you really want?

We are results oriented. You pay for huge performance and not a shiny new toy or bragging rights. No competitions, trophies, public recognition and attention grabbing. More admirers, less enemies. Gain respect,  gain stature without the fuss and let people brag on your behalf.

Sounds good? That’s what your car audio will be, if you take this step. Call us for an appointment.

0123315669 – michael



disclaimer: there is none!

Car Audio Systems Tailor-Made for You

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
Audio Creations offers high-value for performance, high-fidelity car audio system packages using the best materials and equipment from proven brands – Duelund capacitors/coils, Focal, JL Audio subs, Luxman, Mcintosh, Peerless, PHD, Scanspeak, Vifa, Mundorf and Zapco.
Depending on your professional or leisure car audio needs, we offer various levels of car audio packages that may include entire speaker systems; whether they be just 2-front speakers, 4-speakers or 4-speakers and a subwoofer, as well as other audio components, including cd deck/head unit, amplifiers,  equalizers, custom crossovers active/passive, high-end power capacitors and power stabilizers/conditioners.
To top it off, we compliment and complete the system with suitable home audio grade cabling and wiring, high-end tweaks and most importantly impeccable tuning skills, which ever that is most suitable to bring the music to life in your precious ride.
 Our package offering:

The Stepping Stone
Our entry package is a truly great stepping stone to a great sounding car audio system. While some others may think that our entry level is a bit too high-end, we insist on doing so. Why? Because we can and we believe it is important to get you started on the right footing.
At Audio Creations, we are able to offer you better products at realistic prices rather than force the beginner to buy low-end gears and end up losing unnecessarily during future upgrades. RM8,000 and you are up and going.
The Masses
This is the system for the masses. Very affordable and achievable. Easy to set-up, small footprint takes up little precious car space and, together the choice of speaker and amplification deliver exceptional clarity and definition, but with tube-like warmness.

The cost is in a shade below RM15,000 but the promised performance equals a lot more than what is being offered in the market.

The More Than You Bargained For
Great sound at a great price”. Isn’t that all we want? This package puts the highest-impact components together with our tested and approve power upgrades for a system that epitomizes the Audio Creations “high-end doesn’t mean high-cost” philosophy. Highs come with brilliant sparkles; midrange/vocals come with a alluring and prominent tone; while bass fills in with impact and authority.

Spend only RM30,000 and you drive home a system that makes you fall in love with your car again.

The No-Holds Barred
With the optional No-Holds Barred car audio system package, new standards have been set for an in-car pleasure… Yes, music pleasure and whatever that comes with it! This package that is purely high-end provides the closest approach to the ideal, without mundane things like practical limitation spoiling the fun.

We could use world-renown speaker drivers like Scanspeak, RAAL etc. and the phenomenal Mcintosh, Luxman power amplifiers, along with high-end Duelund CAST or Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil crossovers but to keep the suspense, we will keep it a secret until you give us the pleasure of explaining to you what it is all about.

We do not use the word “ultimate”, “the best”, “extreme” or any empty promises because we are serious about what we do and we do not pretend to make you hear what isn’t there or isn’t important. There is no make-believe, you be the judge!
Spend RM60,000 and up, and we will bring you to a high-end scale that is not compromised and make you understand the purpose of a high-end audio system, that is to create convincing illusion of a live musical event.
Studio recorded media will have as close as possible all the emotions attached and the minute details intended, while live performance recordings will exude the vibes and energy and even the hall acoustics as intended by the artiste during recording.
CALL MICHAEL 012-3315669 to discuss the options that is most suited for you and your budget. There is definitely something for everyone…

Get Your Audio Creations Decal Now!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

audio creations

Make it a point to visit us this month. We are giving away “tuned by Audio Creations” car decal/stickers for a limited time only. No purchase necessary. Special promotional items will be reserved for cars with our decals.