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Scosche EFX and Stinger Products – High Quality Power Cables and Distribution Blocks

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Audio Creations uses Stinger and EFX power cables, available in 8 gauge, 4 gauge and 0 gauge. These cables are not CCA (copper clad aluminum) variants common in low-cost applications and sold widely.
FLUX power and speaker wire strictly follow the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standard ensuring that your amps and speakers are getting the power that they need to perform at their best. The ultra high strand count and frosted PVC jacket on the power wire increases the flexibility making for hassle free installations. Each individual strand of the Oxygen Free Copper wire is plated with a tin to prevent oxidation and provide unmatched reliability.

We use a high-quality non-fused distribution block for the best power transfer for our installs along with a front main fuse no further than a few inches from the battery. Along with the in-built fuse on the amplifier, this offers sufficient protection for your electronics.

Many competition world champions do not use fused distribution block for sound quality purposes and still complies with safety standards by the associations and competitions. We highly recommend using Cryogenic Fuses for improved/lower noise floor and sound quality. For amplifiers that require an external fuse, an EFX or Stinger fuse holder does an excellent job.

Stinger Shoc-Krome Distribution Block
High Conductivity Shoc-Krome Plating
Daisy Chainable Compact Design
Protective Cover Included
2 input – 1/0 awg
4 output – 4 awg