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Foundation to a solid sounding Car Audio – Power Conditioning

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Have you ever wondered why some car audio systems can sound so wholesome and powerful, while some other mega-watt and mega-expensive setups do not sound at all that powerful?

Interestingly, but not uncommon, some systems are so narrow and limited to certain music genres it can perform admirably, while others can give you hours of enjoyment with almost any cds you throw at it.

A very simple truth is a bad foundation. By that I mean, the system is sitting on a bad platform… no, not the car environment, not the car acoustics like everyone like to blame and critisize but a bad footing, known as power supply, or what we at Audio Creations like to term is as car audio power management (CAPM).

Without power, there is no music. Power feeds the source unit, feeds the amplifiers and all tuning devices (processors) before it can do anything to re-create music within your space.

Just like any of us are aware (or if you have not by now), if you playback bad media (badly recorded material, pirate copies, scratched compact disc etc.) through your source unit, do not expect to get much except garbage-in, garbage-out.

However, ever noticed that even if you support well recorded cds, not all of it sound as to what you expect before you pop-it into your cd player. After awhile, you may even stop buying because ‘expensive’ did not give you the desired results or equal enjoyment.

Why? you ask us… At Audio Creations we address the whys and why nots before addressing the change this and change that because we believe in giving you more than what is worth to your ears and not what it is worth to your pocket.

CAPM is a serious issue, especially if you have spent thousands, tens of thousands or more on your system without jaw dropping improvements. Without writing an essay, CAPM gives you:

a) squeezes out the full capability of your equipment – you want 100% from your investment and not merely 20-30% of what your gears are capable of.

b) makes a quieter background, one that is less hissy, spitty and noisy – we always blame hiss and brightness on the recording and some even blame the tweeter without realising it is not.

c) reconditions the wholesome and life in the music – bad power thins out music and robs the life out of what would have been a good performance.

d) makes future upgrades worth every penny - a good foundation paths the way to  realising that high-end is not about snake oil (unfortunately some may be). when a system is able to show it’s full potential, we can judge better if an upgrade is worth the invesment. without power management, changing an equipment could only give you a measly 10% improvement (suprisingly yet people accept, as is), whilst with it’s price-tag, it’s claimed to give you a huge difference (50%-100% at least).

CAPM is not easily understood. That is the reason why nobody sells the idea. There is really nothing to see or touch. Only seasoned, winning competitors and some exhibitors may use them as a secret weapon. Now, it’s about time you understand and upgrade your weapons too….

What say you?

Audio Magic Stealth Mini Reference – Do your hi-fi a favour with proper power conditioning

Monday, October 12th, 2009

The quality of power (by our local utility provider) that we feed our equipment has always been a major hindrance to a good sounding system.

Apart from room acoustics, power supply plays big importance to any hi-fi system so much so that no system or equipment should be judged without proper power conditioning.

With power quality problems, there will undoubtedly be a bottleneck to what your gears are truly capable of. To the novice end-user, it may be difficult to grasp because to us it is only common sense that the music signal only passes through equipment, interconnect, speaker cables and speakers, so what does power have to do with anything.

Bad power introduces noise to the system and noise kills music! Music sounds edgy, messy (worsen when more instruments are being played) and not poised to begin with. Background hiss and grit robs music enjoyment and we are not able to play loud because it gets irritating.

At Audio Creations, we were taugh by our high-end customer friends some years ago that power conditioning brings a system to a different level altogether. Since then we have tried/loaned various power conditioners to learn what it is all about.

At Audio Creations, we use Audio Magic power conditioners. Why, and not try others? We have and we like how the Audio Magic sounds… because it does not alter the character or inject any false promises or hide/mask problems from the hi-fi system. What is does, as should any good power conditioner, remove EMI/RFI from the power line so that background can be pitch black and quiet for the music to flow our naturally without sounding held back, muddled out or cluttered. Nor should it amplify or inject any additional frequencies or sound to your system that makes it sound unnatural.

With good cleansing effect, your power line can give quiet and full sounding supply to your equipment without sounding thin and cluttered. Your system becomes more musically involving. Highs, mids and lows should tighten up, giving it a step up in control and definition.

A good power conditioner should also not limit power or current. Most high-end power amplifier makers suggest that their amplifiers be plugged directly to the wall. This is because the  majority of power products out there are current limiting ,which robs the dynamics and power from the amplifier. The Audio Magic Stealth Mini Reference has a duplex (two dedicated outlet) for your power amplfiers. 50 watters, 100 watters, 200 watters, 400 watters and up does not matter, this power conditioner does not hold anything back.

Stealth Mini Reference

Stealth Mini Reference

1. Large ga. silver conductors
2. Cryo treated parts to help stabilize resonance
3. MST treatment to enhance the crystalline structure of the parts to give maximum conductivity
4. QP pulse generator and QP passive Disrupter to remove EMI and RF
5. SonicCraft super audio capacitors
6.Leviton hospital grade duplex’s
7. IPF super filter with ERS paper for further RF and EMI suppression
8. 20amp mini breaker-detachable power cord inlet

A recent review in the Star by Sujesh Pavithran tells us a better story:

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