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StP SoundProofing And SoundDampening Materials – Keep The Music In, And The Sound Out

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The STP Standartplast experience is simple. Its aim is to create a  silent surrounding, eliminate vibration (and loss of energy), absence of distortion, heightened the acoustic performances, better atmosphere for music/movie, mobile, navigation, and protection against thermal changes.The STP product is technically proven with research and development deriving from use in military applications, and a huge research chemical lab and staff force to constantly work on finding a solution to noise and vibration problems in various industries and in our context, for the automotive field. Quality of the product is impeccable and product range is complete to address all areas of our vehicle that is susceptible to noise and vibration.

It is now possible to quieten the car cabin for a pleasant driving experience. For the audio enthusiast, we can treat the irritating rattles and nagging vibrations on metal surfaces and plastic panels. Application requires technique and careful understanding of how to mix-match the use of STP products. With discussion with STP engineers we clearly have the idea and have applied it to our customer’s vehicles with experience. In addition, we believe that correct usage requires good fitting and visual pleasantness. 

With proper use and implementation by Audio Creations, we are confident the quality of STP products will be effectively evident in your vehicle.

The StandartPlast program offered by STP is now available at Audio Creations for all vehicle types and makes.

- to reduce noises and vibrations, everywhere
- to turn your car into a “music paradise”
- to make your vehicle more silent and comfortable
- to increase the safety
- to let you discover a new way of driving

Cardas Audio RFI/EMI RCA Caps – Eliminate Noise & Improve Overall Performance

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

                                       Cardas Audio Signature Series RCA Caps and Signature Series RCA Shorting Pin Caps

The Signature Series RCA Caps are non-shorting, billet brass, nickel plated caps that fits over unused female RCA connectors to shield against RFI, EMI, dust and corrosion.

The Signature Series RCA Shorting Pin Caps can be used to short out an input RCA (do not use on outputs). This is desirable on most equipment to lower the noise floor. The Cardas Billet brass, nickel plated caps fit over unused female RCA input connectors, such as “AUX in” to shield against RFI, EMI, dust and corrosion.

Listening impressions:
“The background becomes quieter and spatial information and details presents itself more freely with reduced harshness. The audio system can play louder without sounding messy, jumbled up and noisy! One of the best upgrades so little money can buy”
“I like how the bass has more tout and is tighter, cleaner and yet come across full and wholesome”

Check out the following video to demonstrate the effectiveness of Cardas EMI/RFI Protection Caps and contact us for an appointment to listen to them first hand on our showroom test rig. Video:  Cardas RFI/EMI caps