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Cryo Audio Technology fuses for your Car hi-fi System

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

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What’s Cryogenic?
Cryogenics is the production of low temperatures or the study of low-temperature phenomena.

Deep cryogenic (freezing) treatment, or DCT refer to cooling, holding and allowing a product to return to ambient temperature over a period of time with the use of liquid Nitrogen, or LN2, as the cryogen.

DCT has been around for many years and is widely adopted in the industrial sector for treatment of tool steels, knives, etc., as it improves the wear characteristics of these items. Cryogenics is also widely adopted by auto racers—who are always looking for a performance edge over their competition.

For this purpose, we refer to DCT of audio equipment. DCT as applied to audio is, in the grand scheme of things, a relatively new application, showing great promise as a tool to enhance ones enjoyment of high performance audio systems.

We are interested on how this process would affect audio gear, especially receptacles, ends and cabling. As a distributor for Audio Magic cables, we know how highly it benefits from the difference that DCT made on their cables and power conditioners.

Benefits of Cryogenic?

Research indicated that changes occur in the microstructure of metal as a result of deep cryogenic treatment. These desirable changes are why many knife and sword makers use this process as it gives metal a more uniform hardness and greater dimensional stability, due to the conversion of austenite (large unstable particles of carbon carbide, resulting in a large grained lattice structure) to martensite (fine grained lattice structure). Although swords have nothing much to do with audio… but the same basic principles apply.

When Copper, Silver, or Brass, or any metal used in audio, is formed into cables or plugs, the materials develop residual stress. For example, microscopic examination of the Copper in an powercord would reveal many voids in the crystal lattice structure of the Copper due to these residual stresses. Deep cryogenic treatment works at the atomic level; research indicates that as the temperature decreases the atomic bonds start to weaken and the crystal structure of Copper reverts to its original state and removes these stresses. These changes, theoretically, are one of the reasons why cryogenic treatment makes a positive difference to the sound.

As cryogenic treatment of audio parts, in the grand scheme of things, has not been around very long no one completely understands the mechanisms involved as to why it makes a difference in sound.  As cryogenic treatment becomes more widespread in the audio industry, the application is being used by many high end manufacturers.

The difference it makes, as quoted by the experts:

-More inner detail, especially in the upper midrange
-Much smoother presentation—with more detail
-A more “relaxed” presentation, or a sense of “ease” in the presentation
-Vocal seems to have more energy to it

The own test on our rig found the music more presentable, calmer, quieter background, thus giving the music better space and smoothness.

Retailed at RM120 per piece, we now offer it at an introductory RM80 a piece for the first 100 units. It’s a no brainer,  don’t need to think twice, grab them NOW!! The cryo’ed fuse has all the hifi qualities that you dream of at a fraction of the price of changing interconnects/speaker cables.

Stocks we have ready – 40A, 30A, 20A and 2A.

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* updates 13 Aug: Very limited stocks left. Once finished, new shipment of fuses will only be available end of September 2009.