About Audio Creations

Audio Creations is a small 2,000sq.ft. niche audio company started by Michael Ng and Victor Pheh since early 2006 and now wholly owned by Ng. Our demo and showroom studio is located in the covered boulevard NZX Commercial Centre, near the LRT hub and headquarters in Ara Jaya, in the vicinity of Ara Damasara.  Services we provide include complete car audio planning and implementation, customize mid to high-end passive crossover for car audio, power supply management for both home hifi and car audio, premium modifications for equipment upgrades and optimization, advanced car audio tuning and troubleshooting and, repair services on car audio amplifiers, processors, head units and speakers.

Are you interested in getting a live and analog sounding car audio system?

Just like cooking a yummy meal, the ingredients must fuse together and blend to bring out the exact flavors that tingles your taste buds and get you coming back for more.

That is exactly what we do. We research and blend various systems that allow you to experience your car audio in a livelier manner and uncluttered, non-digitalized, non-monotonous and non-cold sounding manner. It is as if you are listening to it in the studio right in-front of the singers, or at a live concert, event or gig, with similar ambience. It is not just music in the background; it’s putting live music into your life to keep you alive in a hectic world we live in. The car audio system we think of and match gets you engulfed in the music like never before experience in a typical car audio set-up.

Yes, we agree sound quality can be a matter of personal taste. To us, sound quality (SQ) means getting you immersed in the music. The presentation must be wholesome, with soul and presence. Therefore, if you are into vocals, we can create a system that excels on the minor nuance, the saliva-details of your favorite singers can be as prominent as you like. But what’s more is that it must sound like the saliva of the singer is coming out from his/her and not thinned out and sound like a little hungry squeeky mouse. If you are into live performances, r&b and songs with plenty of dynamics, we can reproduce that atmosphere in your car so that it is not just music, but music with plenty of rhythm and emotion. This makes music more involving, thus helps you ease and relax your mind (worries) and heart (emotions). Unfortunately, it cannot cure your aches and pains but perhaps a smile in your face helps you forget about them.

In short, at Audio Creations, we sell “music” and not brands.  Car audio or ICE (in-car entertainment) is not just plug-and-play affair of the best equipment you can afford. We found that the plug-and-play game gets us nowhere but merely used as a tool by retailers to urge consumers to change to more expensive, higher-end equipment.

We make car audio worthwhile and not shun by home audio and pro-audio aficionados that traditionally sees car audio as a waste of money. Incidentally, 85% of our customers are from home audio therefore, we have the best feedback. Additionally, we spend time occassionally visiting recording studios and live events to experience the ambiance and reproduction as they are intended to be.

We are distributors of Audio Magic power conditioners & silver cables, Duelund and Mundorf capacitors and coils and we carry a host of other well-known brand names like AudioControl, Audio Note kits, Burson Audio, Bybee, EFX Scosche, JL Audio, Luxman, Mcintosh, Milbert, Morel, Renovatio, Stinger, SIKA soundproofing, STP soundproofing, Scanspeak, Peerless, Vifa, Van den Hul, Vcap and  etc.

Trust us with your car, and we will deliver music with emotion in your precious ride. No games, just music!!

from us at  Audio Creations (Tel: 012-3315669)