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Mcintosh Labs MCC302 going strong. Legendary brand sets the highest standard for car audio electronics

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010


Mcintosh Laboratory has defined the highest quality in sound reproduction for many years and continues to set high standards for both performance and reliability till today.

We never thought much about Mcintosh in the early days of Audio Creations because there were so many brands out there promising high-end car audio and like a kid, we wanted to sample them all.

We very well knew then that Mcintosh was a well known, high-end brand that sounds good, offers a steady performance, with no complaints and carries on it’s duty, perfectly as an all-rounder.

After years of trying everything else, we now fully appreciate what Mcintosh is…. yes, a no-frills, analogue sounding, powerful, well-built product and that is exactly what we need.

Mcintosh car audio line is not very extensive, even the fingers is enough to count. There’s two range of head unit/cd players – the MX406 and the current flagship MX5000 and external DAC, MDA5000. The amplifiers offered in the Mc lineup are the MCC301 monoblock, MCC302 high-powered stereo 2 channel and MCC404M, a multichannel 4 channel amplifier. The MCC602TM which was one of our favorite saw it’s end of product cycle not too long ago, and will be missed dearly.

Today, we would like to bring your attention to the Mcintosh MCC302, which is very well worth mentioning and even more worth your time to check it out if you’re you looking for a mid to high-end amplifier.

The MCC302 is a very nice amplifier that is made affordable here at Audio Creations. Specifications as follow (click the link for pdf manual):
150watts x 2 @ 4 ohms; 300watts x 2 @ 2ohms; bridged mono 600watts @ 4 ohms.

Audition and sampling of any Mcintosh car audio product is available at our showroom. An appointment can also be arrange to install and try the product in your car depending on availability of a used/demo unit.

We have very good condition preowned MC420, MC425, MC431, MC443M, MCC444 amplifiers, MX5000 and MDA5000, MX4000 and MDA4000 head units and MPM4000 power output meter for the budget conscious that still urge for a bite of Mcintosh legendary performance. Call Michael at 0123315669 for arrangements.

If you are looking for brand new current production models, please call us and while you are at it, browse the Mcintosh Labs car audio section:

Head Units: MX406 and flagship MX5000 and MDA5000 external dac

Amplifiers: MCC302 2channel, MCC404M 4 channel, MCC406M 6 channel, MCC301M monoblock

Speakers: MSS530 and MSS630

Spare/Service parts: Optic lens for MX406, MX4000 and MX5000. DC-DC power supply for MX406, MX4000 and MX5000; Clarion DRX9255(EX or EXL) and Clarion HX-D1 users can also enquire with us.

AudioControl Processors – Understand Why Audio Creations Wholeheartedly Uses Them!

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

AudioControl is a 30 year old company in the USA that designs and manufactures only the best audio, video and measurement equipment for home, car and the professional arena. The products are handcrafted for the enthusiast , which requires a little more time to understand what each product can do and how it can help them achieve the pursuit of good, if not, great sound.

Audio Creations uses AudioControl products for a reason. Not because of pricing, not because of how it looks, not because of the difficulty/ease of use and not because of any other reason but because it works and it gives us the sound/end results we are looking for.

The way we see it, AudioControl is a niche product, not meant for the regular accessory shops or cash and carry shops. It’s premium engineering, made by people with passion on technicalities, which adds up to the thriving sound it gives. What we like most with AudioControl products is the tunability and flexibility it gives to custom installers and high-end modders.

If you ask us, every car audio .. be it low, mid, high-end systems requires an AudioControl. How to use them to maximum ability, potential, and even how not to overuse them is where Audio Creations speciality lies.

Among the processors we carry and use extensively are EQL, EQX, 4xs, 3xs, 2xs, Overdrive, LC6i etc. The different processors are useful for application/integration with oem players as well as aftermarket high-end players.

Crossovers: 2xs – 18dB 2way crossover; 6xs – 24dB 3way crossover

Equalizers: EQL – 2in 2out 13band; EQX 2in 8out 13band

OEM Integration: line output converter 6 high level speaker inputs 6 pre-amp RCA output; internal channel summing output (for OEM players or amplifiers with in-built filters/crossover that cannot be defeated or turn off); 12-volt turn on lead GTO (sensing), important feature since the stock player does not have remote output

Overdrive: 13 volt line driver; best solution for weak pre-outs from the source units

We offer high-end crossover modules (stock spec, upgraded spec, premium spec and high-end carbon spec), performance upgrades (higher capacitance power supply filter capacitors with low ESR, highend premium signal path coupling capacitors etc.) and professional advice on AudioControl products, new and used.

Cardas Audio RFI/EMI RCA Caps – Eliminate Noise & Improve Overall Performance

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

                                       Cardas Audio Signature Series RCA Caps and Signature Series RCA Shorting Pin Caps

The Signature Series RCA Caps are non-shorting, billet brass, nickel plated caps that fits over unused female RCA connectors to shield against RFI, EMI, dust and corrosion.

The Signature Series RCA Shorting Pin Caps can be used to short out an input RCA (do not use on outputs). This is desirable on most equipment to lower the noise floor. The Cardas Billet brass, nickel plated caps fit over unused female RCA input connectors, such as “AUX in” to shield against RFI, EMI, dust and corrosion.

Listening impressions:
“The background becomes quieter and spatial information and details presents itself more freely with reduced harshness. The audio system can play louder without sounding messy, jumbled up and noisy! One of the best upgrades so little money can buy”
“I like how the bass has more tout and is tighter, cleaner and yet come across full and wholesome”

Check out the following video to demonstrate the effectiveness of Cardas EMI/RFI Protection Caps and contact us for an appointment to listen to them first hand on our showroom test rig. Video:  Cardas RFI/EMI caps 

V Cap Reference Grade Capacitor for High-end Mods

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

V cap Reference Grade Teflon Capacitor and V cap Elite Reference Capacitor

A high-end capacitor for use on our general modifications equipment and customized speaker passives.

Kindly call in for further information.
or view the link :